Stellar report for city’s water system

October 17,2023

A recent inspection of all water facilities within the City of Enterprise found no deficiencies.

The letter, sent by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, cited the August 2 inspection of the water system. 

“This inspection showed what we already know. The Enterprise Water Department is among the best in the state when it comes to facilities,” Mayor and Water Superintendent William E. Cooper said. “This report is a testament to the hard-working individuals in our water department and the care they put into the service they provide our citizens.”

The drinking water branch sanitary survey included inspection of every well and tank, as well as documents and plans.

“Getting a report back with ‘no deficiencies’ is the best possible outcome,” Enterprise Water Field Superintendent Alan Mahan said. “This is a very in-depth inspection, not just of our facilities, but of our record-keeping. Our team should be proud of this report and the citizens should, too.”

This particular inspection is conducted annually.