Revenue and Business Licenses

The responsibilities of the Revenue/Business License Department include, but are not limited to, account receivables, collections of lodging, gasoline and liquor taxes, and business license fees. 

Effective March 1, 2023, the Alabama Department of Revenue handles the sales tax collection on behalf of the City of Enterprise. Click here for the formal notice published by the Alabama Department of Revenue.

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Mission Statement
The mission of the Revenue/Business License Department is to administer the Enterprise Business License Ordinance and the Code of Alabama of 1975 fairly and efficiently, promoting public confidence, compliance, and prosperity, while providing excellent customer service, and being business friendly.

Business Licensing
An Enterprise business license is required for anyone or any business conducting any type of business, trade, profession, or home occupation within the city limits and/or police jurisdiction of Enterprise. This includes making repairs, contracting, selling, providing any type of service or being a vendor at a special event. 

Prior to applying for a business license, you should have the following information and/or items:
  1. Business Structure – Is the business going to be a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability corporation (LLC), corporation or another form of business? For information regarding forming an LLC or corporation, please visit the Alabama Secretary of State website.
  2. Tax Identifying Number (TIN) – A tax identifying number is required for all business licenses. A tax identifying number may be the Social Security Number of the owner of the business or the entity’s FEIN. To learn more about obtaining a FEIN, please visit the IRS website for more information.
  3. Business Activity. – What is the type of business being conducted in Enterprise? This information will be used to determine the classification and the business license fee. 
  4. Location – Per the business license ordinance, business licenses are location specific. If the business is located within the city limits, whether a commercial location or residential (home-based) business, clearance from the Engineering Department must be obtained. If the location is commercial, a business walk-through inspection must be completed and final approval must be granted by the Engineering Dept. If the business is based within your home, a home occupation permit must be issued by the Engineering Department. Please contact the Engineering Dept. at (334) 348-2673 or visit their webpage here. Please note: clearance from the Engineering Dept. is not needed for businesses located outside of the city limits. 
  5. Certification – Does the business activity require a state board certification or permit from a state agency or regulatory board? View the Alabama Department of Revenue website for list of boards/agencies with regulatory requirements in Alabama. If required, the certification or permit must be obtained prior to a City of Enterprise Business license be issued.

How to obtain a City of Enterprise Business License
Complete the appropriate business license application packet and submit it to the Revenue/Business License Dept. for review. Please locate the appropriate application packet in the Business License Related Forms page. Our staff will review your application and advise you of any additional requirements and applicable fees based on the business location and activity.

How to renew a City of Enterprise Business License
On or before December 31 of each year, a renewal reminder shall be mailed to each licensee that purchased a business license during the current year. Said renewal notice shall be mailed via regular U.S. mail to the licensee's last known address of record with the municipality. Licensees are required to furnish the municipality any address changes for the business prior to December 1 in order for them to receive the notice. 

Business licenses are valid for a calendar year and expire on December 31st. Renewals are due January 1st. However, a forty-five (45) day grace period is given. Licenses may be renewed no later than February 15th without any penalties. Please ensure all renewal forms and payments are postmarked by February 15th to avoid any penalties. After February 15th, a 15% penalty is applied to all fees, including issuance fees. After March 15th, an additional 15% penalty is applied to all fees including issuance fees, for a total of 30% penalty. For Insurance Companies, the due dates are March 1st and April 1st. 

If applicable, you must present a copy of any required state certifications as well bonds and insurance before your renewal will be processed. 

Renewals may be returned by mail or in person to the Revenue/Business License Department at Enterprise City Hall. The methods of payment are cash, check, money order, Visa, Mastercard or Discover. All credit card transactions are assessed an additional 3% convenience fee.

Did the business close or is no longer operating in Enterprise?
Please complete the Business License Change Form for the business license to be inactivated. 

An additional license is required if the business conducts a liquidation or going out of business sale. Please contact our office for more information.

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