Enterprise native to appear on Wheel of Fortune Thursday night

May 31,2023

Victoria Boyle Sprinkle will tell you right away that she’s competitive.  The Enterprise native, who now lives in Texas, grew up watching Wheel of Fortune with her family.  

“I’ve been watching Wheel of Fortune my whole life,” Sprinkle said. “It’s a whole big deal with my family. We are a very competitive family so it’s always a race to see who is going to get the answer first.”

Sprinkle, 27, said it was her mom, Martha, who encouraged her to apply for the show.

“My mom for years has told my dad and I both to apply for the show because we’d always say we could do better than the contestants. She told me to go prove it.”

Thursday night Sprinkle will do just that.  She will appear on the broadcast, as part of a special Star Wars themed episode.

“I’m a massive Star Wars fan so when the call went out that Wheel of Fortune was looking to do a Star Wars week and wanted Star Wars fans, that was my sign.”

The taping actually happened back in February, and while Sprinkle was mum on the outcome, she said she can’t wait for her family and friends to watch the episode.

“I am so thrilled,” she said about being able to represent Enterprise. “When the show asked who I wanted to send the promotional information to [about my appearance], I said I have to do my hometown! I have to do Enterprise because honestly that’s what has been home to me for most of my life.”

Sprinkle, whose father is in the military, spent much of her youth in Enterprise, living here for a few years before going to another duty station, then coming back.  She graduated from a high school in Mobile and went on to earn degrees from both Auburn (’17) and Alabama (’21).

To find out if "The Force" is with Sprinkle, watch the episode on WTVY this Thursday, June 1, at 6:30 p.m.