EPRD receives $5k for Westside Community Park improvements

July 21,2023

The Enterprise Lions Club Wednesday donated $5,000 to the Enterprise Parks and Recreation Department for improvements at Westside Community Park.

“We are thrilled to receive this donation from the Enterprise Lions to put toward a park that has a long history with their Club,” Director of Community Services and Recreation Billy Powell said. “The Lions continue to pour into our community, and especially our Parks and Recreation Department, and we are so appreciative of all they do for the citizens of Enterprise.”

Westside Community Park, located at 1300 West College Street, includes a playground, gazebo, pavilion and restrooms. The Park for many years has served as a meeting point for the Lions and their food trailer dubbed the “Lions Den.”

“Through the generosity of the people who have come to the Lions Den, we were able to raise some of that money,” Lions Club President Warren Bowron said. “With all of the different activities we’ve participated in like Festival in the Park, we are able to not only be in the public, but also show the public that we are here to serve the citizens and help in any way that we can.”

Bowron said the Club plans to continue to make yearly donations to support the Parks and Recreation Department, as helping to keep the world healthy and active through recreation are an important cause.


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