Weeds declared public nuisance by council, property owners could soon face fines

June 04,2024

Excessive growth of weeds on properties within the city limits constitutes a public nuisance, poses a fire hazard, harbors rodents and pests, depreciates property values, and adversely affects the public health and welfare according to a new ordinance adopted Tuesday by the Enterprise City Council.

Under Ordinance 05-21-24-D, weeds are defined as grass, weeds or other vegetation over 12 inches in height that are not intentionally cultivated or maintained for aesthetic or agricultural purposes.

Property owners within city limits are required to maintain any grass or weeds growing on the property so as not to constitute a nuisance. The ordinance does not apply to heavily wooded areas in their natural state which are undeveloped, farm properties or properties under construction.

Those found in violation will be notified through certified mail and the notice will be printed in the local newspaper. Two signs will also be posted on the property with information about a public hearing on the matter.

If during the hearing the weeds are determined to be a public nuisance, and abatement and removal are required, the property owner will be responsible for the cost, which will be added to the next regular bills for taxes levied against the respective lots and lands for municipal purposes.