Council adopts ordinance concerning unsafe structures and dangerous buildings

June 04,2024

Enterprise City Council Tuesday unanimously approved an ordinance to address properties that due to poor design, obsolescence, or neglect have become unsafe to the extent of public nuisance.

The ordinance applies to properties within the city limits which are vacant or in a state of disrepair and are causing a blight on the city and surrounding neighborhoods, as well as pose a threat to the health, safety and welfare to the citizens, and impede on economic development.

City Engineer Barry Mott and Enterprise Fire Chief Christopher Davis were designated as Appropriate Municipal Officials who may inspect all public buildings, as well as homes and accessory structures for the purpose of determining whether any conditions exist which render any such place a “dangerous building.”

As part of the new ordinance, all “dangerous buildings” declared to be public nuisances may be repaired, vacated, moved or demolished. The Appropriate Municipal Official may choose to order any one or any combination of the above and will give notice to the owner to act. If the owner does not take the appropriate action within the time specified, the city will complete the work and assess the cost against the property.

The Appropriate Municipal Official may initiate the immediate repair, move, or demolition of a building, structure, or portion thereof when emergency action is required due to imminent danger of structural collapse endangering adjoining property, the public right of way, or human life or health.

Employees of the Enterprise Fire Department and Enterprise Police Department may make a report in writing of buildings or structures suspected to be “dangerous buildings.” Reports should be delivered to the building officials within 24 hours of the discovery.