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EFD Pre-Incident Plan

  1. EFD Pre-Incident Plan

    This information will be used exclusively by the Enterprise Fire Department in an effort to protect life and reduce damage to contents and structure in case of an emergency. This information will not be shared outside of the EFD.

  2. Does business have a Basement or below-grade area accessible from inside building?
  3. Does business have an elevator?
  4. Does business have an elevator key (if applicable)?
  5. Does business have an alarm system?
  6. Does business have a sprinkler system?
  7. Hazardous Materials:
  8. Does the business require TIER II Reporting?
  9. Salvage Concerns:
  10. Upload a sketch and pictures that would help us navigate through your business. A complete sketch should include doors, windows, stairs, areas with hazardous materials, and areas of specific salvage concern.

  11. Leave This Blank: