Short Term Rentals (STR)

Short-Term Rental Application Packet

On December 20, 2022, the Enterprise City Council approved Short-Term Rental Ordinance 12-06-22-C (establishing performance standards, creating a business license classification, establishing the license fee, requiring lodging taxes, a compliance process, and other requirements).

1. Short Term Residential Rental (sometimes referred to as “STR”) mean the commercial use, or the making available for commercial use, of a residential dwelling unit for dwelling, lodging or sleeping purposes, wherein any individual guest rents or occupies, for a fee or other pecuniary consideration, the unit or a portion of the residence for a period of less than 90 (ninety) consecutive calendar days. The definition of “short-term residential rental” shall exclude commercial businesses who operate facilities primarily for the purpose of short-term rental (e.g. Mobile Home Parks, RV Parks, hotels, motels, etc.) that are already required to be licensed by other provisions of the business license ordinances of the City.

2. Each operator must be properly licensed and classified as Short-Term Residential Rental (STR) (NAICS #721199 – All Other Traveler Accommodation and the fee schedule for licensing is Schedule K).

3. Operator is defined as any person who owns, controls, manages or operates a short- term rental residential unit or property.

4. A permit is required for each STR. Each operator of a STR unit shall pay, in advance, an annual fee of $20 (twenty dollars) for each STR. This is in addition to the annual business license fee, lodging tax and all other taxes that may apply or be imposed in the future.

5. The City of Enterprise Lodging Tax rate is 6% for STR units operating within the city limits and 3% for STR units operating within the police jurisdiction. Click here for the Lodging Tax Return form.

6. The name, address and telephone of the local contact person who will respond to complaints must be provided at the time of business license application.

7. All licensed and permitted STRs must maintain all safety and health requirements as detailed in the ordinance.

8. All licensed and permitted STRs are subject to an inspection for any and all health and safety requirements.

9. All STR shall adhere to all applicable noise provisions of City Ordinance 6-18-96.

10. All STR unit occupant vehicles shall be parked on site and shall not be parked in the adjacent public right-of-way.

11. Trash and refuse shall not be left or stored in public view, except in proper containers for the purpose of collection accordance with the requirements of City of Enterprise Ordinances.

12. It is the responsibility of the STR operator to notify the occupants of maintaining compliance with the requirements of all City of Enterprise Ordinances.

13. The operator must notify the Revenue Department in writing within in 15 (fifteen) days of any change in property ownership or management or any other material change in the information described in the license application, permit(s) and set forth in the City of Enterprise Business License Ordinance.