Municipal Court

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Courtroom Appearance & Conduct

It is important to remember that appearance and conduct are important when coming to Court. All persons present in the courtroom shall be clean, neat and dressed in an appropriate manner, and conduct themselves in a respectful manner reflecting dignity and respect for the Court.


It is also very important to be on time for a Court appearance. Be sure to allow ample time for traffic, parking, and security screening when you arrive. You must be present in the courtroom when the docket is called. A warrant will be issued if you fail to answer when your name is called.


If you are a witness on a case, your presence is necessary for a trial to go forward. If a witness is not present in the Courtroom, a case is subject to dismissal or reschedule.


Remember that all persons must pass through metal detectors and their purses and bags will be screened. All persons are also subject to search.

Cellular Phones/Pagers

No pagers, cell phones, or other electronic devices are allowed in the courtroom.


Weapons (guns and knives) are strictly prohibited in the Courtroom. This does not apply to law enforcement personnel. Also, items such as pocket knives, scissors or anything deemed as unacceptable will be confiscated upon entry to the building. Certain confiscated items will be held and may be returned upon departure.


  • The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.
  • The defendant does not have to testify or present witnesses.
  • The City has the burden of proof of guilt.
  • The City is always represented by a lawyer.
  • A defendant may represent himself at trial, or be represented by an attorney licensed by the State of Alabama.